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Question   props
Word up man good stuff congrats!!!

- paul cote August 31, 2013

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Question   Good Stuff
Very nice work Jon!

-  March 16, 2012

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Question   Looks Great
Looks great bro. keep it up.......

- Jeff Sheehan October 13, 2010

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Question   07/15/2010
Thanks for sharing Jon. Your pictures are beautiful.

- eliza guglielmo July 15, 2010

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Question   Impression
Very impressive and relaxing - nice site

- Judy Herron November 12, 2009

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Question   Landscape and Architectural Pics are Incredible!
Quite a talent of taking pictures of great places and making them look dreamlike and surrealistic. I've been to a few of the places in real life and and actually wish they looked more like they do in your pictures. Awesome work, Jon!

- Bill Haneke July 18, 2009

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Question   Nice site!
Nice job, Jon. Love the new shots of Folly Beach. I look forward to going out and shooting some more landscapes & downtown pics soon!

-  June 24, 2009

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Question   How have you been?
Your pictures are quite nice. I thought I was going to go to a ratdog website when I put
"Remember Freeland Forever"

- Jeff Lahr May 29, 2009

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